Tuesday, March 11, 2008

International Documentary Challenge

Team Profluence reunited this year to take part in the International Documentary Challenge. http://www.docchallenge.org/ If you are not familiar with the competition, teams get five days to create a short documentary. This year 122 teams from 16 countries participated. We received our assigned genre and topic Thursday March 6th at 8am and sent our completed film in Monday March 11th at 5pm. I am fortunate to be in an amazing crew and we all really enjoy getting together every year and collaborating. It is an intense production period resulting in sleep deprivation and consumption of mass amounts of coffee, but it is worth it.

The first round of judging finishes at the end of March when the twelve finalists are announced. All of the finalists are screened at Hot Docs in Toronto, Canada, where the second round of judging takes place. Last year our film Blind Faith: A Film About Seeing, made it to the top twelve and won the award for best soundtrack. Agnes Varnum, documentary film's most well known blogger http://agnesvarnum.com/, had this to say about last years competition, "the short docs that resulted from this challenge were lovely to watch and a nice glimpse at future feature makers."

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